About us:


  Tier One Scenarios is a player run organization dedicated to producing quality events that create a fun and exciting environment for players to practice elements of teamwork, communication and movement.  We work hard to promote mag fed paintball as a community and everything that entails.  We encourage social groups outside the game structure, we support our participant’s charity endeavors, and we try to provide a mentor role and offer advice to other people looking to get into mag fed paintball or those who wish to run their own mag fed events.

 We value community. When you operate in a niche market, word of mouth and good will are key.  You can never stop interacting with people on a personal level.  Each and every person that shows up at our event is important.

 We relish the reactions that people have to our events.  We strive to create unique experiences that people talk about, to their team mates as well as to people that may not have attended.  Every time someone tells us “I wasn’t expecting that” or “I can’t believe that just happened” We feel like we have succeeded.


 We are:

Jeff Pentland

Colleen Pentland

Chris Wilson-Quinn

Shirley King